3 year old ballet dance class with lollipops

Preschool combo classes

Our preschool combo classes build strength and muscle awareness as the foundation of a future dance education in a fun and creative way.  Students may practice faces in a mirror to understand expression and performance quality, act out stories to understand how movements can describe an action, and use age appropriate imagery to learn developmentally appropriate gross motor skills.  In tap, learning the difference between a note and a rest contributes to inhibitory control in our preschoolers, an important school skill.  For our students, all they see is the fun with engaging music and props contributing to a magical first dance experience.


Teen Ballet Class


A solid understanding of the principles of ballet lays the foundation for success in nearly every other type of dance.  Ballet involves mastery of strength and flexibility of various muscle groups while encouraging great posture.  Ballet students will develop the muscle control to perform increasingly difficult exercises, including jumps, turns, transition steps, and balance skills along with lengthened classical lines.  Students may also be taught vocabulary, anatomy, and dance history in this class.  While mastering the beauty and dexterity required by a highly skilled dancer takes a lot of dedication and hard work, students will be rewarded with an increase in skill level across all platforms of dance.


Teen tap class


Tap dance is often described as drumming with your feet and is a fun dance style for all ages.  Students will be exposed to different elements of musicality including counting music, accents, and syncopation, while learning different genres of tap from Broadway to street style.  Improvisation will be taught to our more advanced tappers as they work to develop their own unique sound.

Kids pom class

Jazz and Pom

Students in jazz classes will enjoy a high energy dance style that focuses on leaps, turns, kicks, and stylized movement.  Students will learn coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and performance skills.  Students may be exposed to all kinds of jazz dance, from Broadway to Commercial to Poms.

Contemporary dance


Contemporary dance melds the worlds of ballet, jazz, and modern to create unique movement and pictures.  This genre of dance is one of the more expressive and allows more freedom in interpretation of the music.  A strong technical background is recommended as this style seeks to twist the traditional rules.  Improvisation, partnering, and floor work are important aspects of this style of dance.

Classical ballet, pointe dance class


Pointe is an extension of a student’s ballet training.  Pointe shoes were created during the Romantic Era to give ballerinas the illusion of gliding effortlessly in an ethereal way.  Students must enroll in the pre-pointe class and build up the ankle strength and flexibility along with basic technical skills necessary to safely progress to pointe.  After passing a series of tests, the student will be allowed to move into pointe shoes.  A theraband is required for this class and students will have ankle strengthening exercises to complete each week.

Hip hop dance class

Hip Hop/Jazz Funk

Hip Hop encompasses many different urban dance styles as well as freestyle movement. These classes teach rhythm, coordination, musicality and choreography without suggestive music or movements. Classes focus on isolation, traditional hip hop moves, break-dance tricks, along with traditional jazz technique to create a fun, high-energy movement style.

Acro dance class


Acrobatics students work through a variety of progressive skills to build the strength and flexibility to perform basic skills such as somersaults and cartwheels leading up to more complicated limber work.  Advanced students may work on aerial skills before learning more advanced tumbling skills such as back handsprings.  Contortion work may also be taught.  Conditioning is a key aspect of this class as the strength and control needed to perform these skills must be built up over time.

Toddler dance class with parachute

Toddler Time

Bring your toddler (18 months-3 years) for a fun creative movement dance class designed with adult interaction in mind. This class emphasizes gross motor development through storytelling, songs, and interactive play. Imaginative props and music will be used to get our littlest dancers moving. Basic classroom skills will also be learned such as taking turns, waiting in line, and participating in circle time. An adult must accompany the child into the classroom.